This is our healing space,
our thriving space,
our honest space,
our land,
our home to connect deeply with each other.

We work as a family to create this environment together, to appreciate and respect each other’s ideas & ways of learning & nurturing our uniqueness. We enjoy kicking the ball, playing with our furry family member Yoda & co-existing with our chickens. Whilst playing in our fresh & lush grass.

We take in & Appreciate our food forest, tea garden, edibles, perennial herbs and orchids that surround our property, helping to further connect our time together to share fresh, creative food options based on what the earth can provide throughout the seasons & wherever our mind can take us. We hear the sounds of nature, the birds singing, the lizards scattering amongst the hollow previously existing trees, the frogs calling out for their princess & hearing the drops on the steel bird bath & rain tanks that capture this precious resource, we feel the worms vibrating echoes through a thriving & healthy existence in their composted world below.

Hidden amongst this oasis is an Earth Driven commercial Kitchen & workshop space on a pre existing, upcycled dwelling that was calling out to a young woman & her dreams, to now becoming an eye opening reality. Organic Seasonal veggies, medicinal herbs, perennials, Edibles & plucking gardens all within reach to create & honour. Earth Driven collective will become more sustainable & will be a business that prides itself on cooking as much from scratch & the way nature intended, with the intent to share & invite people into this space to learn together & evolve. This is our Home, Driven by the Earth & a deep soul connection